Intense Pulsed Light (I.P.L.)

Intense Pulsed Light (I.P.L.) treats superficial vascular and pigmented irregularities to improve a patient's skin color. It works by taking short-wavelength light and converting it into a usable spectrum through a special filtering system. It then delivers Equally Distributed Fluence, which means that every pulse has uniform energy density across the entire output face. This fluence increases emission and penetration, for safer and more effective treatments with repeatable results. 

Below is a host of conditions that I.P.L treats:

 Angiomas and spider angiomas 

• Café-au-lait macules 

• Cutaneous lesions 

• Dyschromia 

• Ephelides (freckles) 

• Erythema of rosacea 

• Facial, truncal and leg telangiectasias 

• Hemangiomas 

• Hyperpigmentation 

• Leg veins 

• Lentigos 

• Melasma 

• Nevi 

• Pigmented lesions 

• Poikiloderma of Civatte 

• Port wine stains 

• Reduction in red pigmentation in hypertrophic and keloid scars 

• Rosacea 

• Telangiectasias 

• Vascular lesions 

• Venous malformation  

At Dr. Feder's offices, we have the most up-to-date, advanced I.P.L. system manufactured by Alma Lasers. We invite you to call us at 212-535-8700 for a consultation concerning I.P.L. or any other cosmetic services.