Hand Rejuvenation

"Your hands reflect your age"... Dr. Feder offers a full range of many different hand rejuvenation treatments that can help improve the appearance of your tired hands. Dr. Feder also uses his technique using your body's own natural fat (A.F.T.) or long-lasting fillers such as Radiesse. This is used in conjunction with an enhanced chemical peel, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to help your hands look years younger!

IPL uses many wavelengths of specifically filtered light to target the sun damage and pigmentary changes in the hands and other body parts. It also treats broken blood vessels and other pigmentary disorders.

In addition, Dr. Feder has many skin products to promote hand rejuvenation, such as Mega I or Natural Repair Complex, in conjunction with the Super Peel Renewal Pads.

IPL treatment sessions are fast and easy, and the post-treatment care and recovery time is minimal. Normally, we recommend at least three to five treatment sessions, before results are observed.