Autologous Fat Transfer (A.F.T.)

"After many years of experience in cosmetic dermatologic surgery and having collaborated with the pioneers of aesthetic surgery in Europe, Dr. Fournier in Paris and Dr. Fischer in Rome, I have developed other ways to make permanent structural changes in the body and the face. This represents an exciting advance in aesthetic medicine: three-dimensional contouring achieved without scarring and without the use of invasive procedures. In such a manner, the patient will experience a more youthful and aesthetic appearance with literally no down time."

- Lewis M. Feder, M.D.

History: Although doctors have experimented with fat grafting during the past century, modern Autologous Fat Transfer (A.F.T.), is a procedure developed soon after the advent of liposuction (which we call "lipo-sculpture").

Physicians began to experiment with fat re-injection to fill areas from which liposuction had removed too much fatty tissue. Dr. Feder and Dr. Fournier developed a new technique for the removal and re-injection of the patient’s own body fat, with remarkable longevity and superb cosmetic result.


The key to successful A.F.T. is to regard fat cells as fragile structures with every surgical procedure. A.F.T. is "technique dependent", demanding a superb surgeon, as results can vary dramatically according to the technique employed. Dr. Feder's results are usually more than 50% permanent with each procedure, with a smooth and natural appearance. Touch-ups are usually performed after three months, with the patient’s own previously frozen fat, with results approaching 90% permanency.


Dr. Feder has refined a method using gentle, atraumatic removal of controlled amounts of fatty tissue from chosen donor sites. The fat is taken from the patient's own body (usually the buttock, abdomen and love handles). The tissue is then purified and sterilized of all potentially nonviable substances, such as inactive cells, oil, and even anesthesia fluid. Pure, healthy fat cells will then be delicately re-injected back into the patient after this process. In addition, some of the extracted fat is frozen for future use in Dr. Feder's "Fat Bank" for later use. Next, purified fat cells are injected into the tissues of the recipient site. Dr. Feder then molds these areas in a very gentle manner. Thus, fat must be delicately harvested from a donor site, purified with great care, and layered meticulously into its new site within the patient's body. This technique for successful A.F.T. requires a great deal of time and intense concentration and the results are truly amazing! In addition, blood is drawn from the patient and is spun down into its elements. The superior portion of this blood, which contains very high concentrations of stem cells, is added to the patient's fat to further enhance the viability of the fat graft. This is sometimes referred to as the "Vampire Lift."


All of this work is done by hand, using the gentle French syringe technique. Dr. Feder does not believe in the use of suction machines for A.F.T. or for lipo-sculpture, as it is it is too traumatic for tissue and fat. Dr. Feder's extensive experience with A.F.T. has helped in the design and development of a line of surgical instruments, made specifically for A.F.T. The cannulas allow Dr. Feder to perform fat removal and re-injection in a most precise manner.


A.F.T. demands a great deal of technical skill and artistic judgment on the part of the surgeon. Fat is used to actually model or restructure a patient's features from within, combined with aesthetic judgment. Dr. Feder appreciates that every patient is an individual, requiring a unique cosmetic solution, designed not only to make that patient more attractive, but, also more confident.


A.F.T is remarkable for its versatility. It can be used in the face, hands, breast, buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift) and other body parts. This is a powerful new tool which enables the surgeon to have a whole new option for rejuvenation.


We at Dr. Feder's office invite you to call us for a consultation concerning A.F.T. or any other cosmetic procedure. Remember, your consultation fee will be credited to your procedure if you wish to have your procedure performed in our offices.